Welcome to Your Vodcast

Are you looking for a way to truly engage with your clients, your fans or your employees? For many organisations, an audio podcast is an ideal way for to develop and maintain that engagement. But for other organisations, an audio podcast just isn't enough.

And that's why we established Your Vodcast.

We are not talking about creating expensive video-based marketing content where you spend hundreds - or maybe thousands - of dollars to end up with a 30-second video clip. 

Your Vodcast works just like an audio podcast except that it includes video as well! See the people who are participating in the conversation. Watch their facial expressions and body language as they discuss your business or other activities. Feel like you are there, taking part in the conversation!

There are two other really significant aspects to vodcasting using Your Vodcast:

  1. We can stream Your Vodcast live to Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Live streaming allows your viewers to interact with the presenters, allowing questions to be answered during the program.
  2. By recording the vodcast, we can extract the audio track and create a podcast episode using the same content. That means you can have the best of both worlds - an audio podcast and a video stream or vodcast.

Sometimes just having audio isn't quite enough - Your Vodcast is there when you need more than audio - and it isn't as expensive as many videography experts might have you believe!

Given that there's no time like the present, we are ready to help you to produce Your Vodcast. Check out the other pages on our web site and then contact us for a no obligation conversation.