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Are you looking for a way to increase the engagement you have with your staff, your clients, your members or your fans? If you are, then put aside a few minutes to read about Your Podcast.

We think that the podcast is now a critical component of every contemporary communications and engagement strategy - so let's start by considering the evolution of the newsletter ...


Before 1970

These were the days of typing pools and dictation. If you wanted to get a message out to your staff, your customers or any other group, you would arrange for the document to be typed and mailed to the recipients. If you wanted to distribute something more broadly or use something more than just "typewriter text", it typically involved a design agency, a printer and, inevitably, a high cost. This was the time when brochures were a primary source of communication.



When Apple produced their first Macintosh computer in 1984, it was a game changer. Different fonts, documents with images and "desktop publishing" became more accessible to so many more businesses and other organisations. These were still the days of the dot matrix printer and so, while the documents could be printed, good quality documents still typically involved a printing business and, more often than not, a "mailing house" - still a very costly exercise. 


Early to mid-90s

By the early to mid 1990's, electronic mail had become significantly more common in both business and home life. Combining the more sophisticated design software that was available with the opportunity to create and email documents, we saw massive growth in the use of newsletters by all sorts of organisations, for all sorts of reasons. Low-cost and quick to produce,  electronic mail campaigns became one of the most commonly used communications channels by businesses and other organisations.


Since 2004

By 2004, Apple had introduced their iPod - a pocket-sized audio player which gave everyone the opportunity to listen to music and other audio, including information streams called "podcasts". This occurred over 15 years ago and despite the fact that podcasts are easy to use, free to download and available on the one single device that everyone takes with them everywhere they go - their mobile phone - organisations have been slow to respond to the podcast revolution. 

So for over 15 years, businesses and other organisations have continued to send out copious email newsletters which, for the most part, remain unread before being deleted.

Other businesses have chosen to embrace podcasting as a critical part of their communications strategy. Podcasting brings your newsletter to life - would you rather read what someone said or listen to them saying it? When you think about it that way, you are probably wondering why you didn't replace your newsletter with a podcast some time ago.

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