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As communities - and, in particular, regional communities - emerge from the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a more important time to connect with those around us. There has been an evolution throughout the pandemic where people are continuing to seek connection and community engagement, despite the very necessary requirement to maintain physical distancing during work and other pursuits within your region.

Another behavioural change that we have noticed during the COVID-19 interruption has been the higher level of subscription to online services including video calling, online shopping and podcasts. Before the pandemic, people were often reluctant to embrace some forms of technology and content delivery - for many, that reluctance was replaced by necessity and so, these emerging channels have become significantly more popular across Australia.

A couple of minutes with our Managing Director

A podcast for your community?

We believe that all regional communities should have a podcast for their town or district. In the past, people relied on their local paper and radio stations for their community engagement. Local papers still exist but are being heavily influenced by the major media organisations. Local radio still exists but many now present a breakfast program and then a sequence of syndicated capital city programs. We think there are a few reasons why a regional podcast - one that is created specifically for your town, city or district - is something that you should consider:

People listen to podcasts

Undoubtedly podcasting is one of the fastest growing communications channels but don't just take our word for it.  There are literally millions of podcasts available across the world, covering all sorts of topics and areas of interest. People identify a podcast that covers something they are interested in, subscribe to that podcast and listen to it.

Podcasts bring your message to life

Would you rather read a written document that tells you what someone said or listen to them saying it? Would you rather read that your shire president said something or listen to them saying it during a conversational episode of your local podcast?

Podcasts are more convenient than radio 

Radio (and television, too), by their nature, are presented according to a broadcast schedule. This allows them to be fresh and live, responding to events as they occur. This is why podcasting and video streaming will never fully replace radio and television.

But, if your message is not dependent on immediacy, the convenience of podcasting becomes a major benefit.

You can listen to a podcast when it suits you not when it suits the radio station. You can download podcast episodes to listen to when you are driving - even when you are out of radio and internet range. You can listen to a podcast episode as many times as you want to. Most podcasts will even let you know when there is a new episode available and download it for you to listen to when you feel like it.

Your podcast can be tailored to your region

Most regional radio stations do their very best to cover all parts of their broadcast region - and, don't get us wrong, we LOVE regional radio. But, if the broadcast area covers many towns and districts, it is really difficult for those stations to cover the entire region properly, particularly if they are also carrying syndicated capital city content.

By creating your own regional podcast, you can make the content as specific to your region as you want. That means your audience will find the content more relevant and engaging, providing you with a loyal group of listeners.

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Regional Podcasts and You

We pride ourselves on partnering with regional organisations to develop podcasts for them. Creating your podcast in partnership with Regional Podcasts means that all you need to do is line up the guests each month and leave the rest to us.

With Regional Podcasts taking all of the technical and presentation activities off you, that gives you the time and space to develop and implement a marketing strategy to promote your new communications channel. Whether you want to focus your Regional Podcast on local business, local tourism, local community activities or maybe a combination of all three  is entirely up to you. We'll work with you to provide the content that your local residents, visitors and other interested people will want to listen to every week.

We're excited that you are considering Regional Podcasts as your partner in creating this vital component of your region's communication and engagement strategy. Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation conversation about how we can help you and your organisation.