So what is Podmentoring?

Lots of people kick off their podcast, full of energy and enthusiasm and don't have a plan to stop and review their progress as they go along. It's one thing to ask your friends to listen to your podcast and give you feedback but you know what friends are like -  they'll be supportive and tell you what a great job you're doing.

And while it's great to have your friends' encouragement and support, it is unlikely that they'll provide any critical review, particularly if they have never been part of a podcast themselves.

So we developed Podmentoring - an integral part of our MasterCaster program.

Once you start creating your podcast episodes, we'll agree a Podmentoring schedule that suits you and meets your personal requirements (e.g. every month, every third episode, etc). We'll listen to your podcast episodes before we meet and, during our Podmentoring sessions, we'll critically assess your work, applauding the things you are doing well and identifying the things you could do better. We'll offer our advice, based on years of experience in podcasting across a broad range of topics.

The number and schedule for Podmentoring sessions will be up to you. Both the MasterCaster Complete and MyFastStart programs will include one or more sessions as part of the program cost, however you will be able to purchase more sessions afterwards if you feel you need them.

Not only do we have experience in podcasting, we have also had experience in mentoring and coaching in other fields as well. We understand that a good mentor provides support and positive reinforcement for the things you are doing well but will also identify and help improve your performance in a supportive and encouraging manner.

Want to know more about Podmentoring or some of other other services we provide as part of MasterCaster Complete and MyFastStart? Please visit our contact page and schedule a 30-minute no-obligation chat with us.

We look forward to working with you!

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