Welcome to MasterCaster

Podcasting is fast becoming one of the most important components of a contemporary, vibrant communications and engagement strategy for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes.

From large corporates who want to better engage with their customers, employees and other stakeholders - to smaller businesses who realise that people would much rather listen than read. From individuals who want to express their thoughts and opinions - to bloggers and influencers who understand the power of audio to complement their other publications.

But where do you start?

At Untypical Media, we are happy to offer two options - to create your podcast for you (via our Your Podcast and Regional Podcasts programs) or to teach you everything you need to know and provide on-going coaching and mentoring.

We call this second option - MasterCaster.

The starting point for MasterCaster is a desire to create your own podcast and a clear idea of what that podcast is going to be about. Beyond that, we don't assume any technical knowledge or experience.

The MasterCaster Training Program is a series of videos and short quizzes that cover all of the necessary skills and knowledge you'll need to become a MasterCaster. As well, we offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions via our Podmentoring program to make sure your podcast is brilliant!

And, in case you just want to develop your podcasting skills without learning all of the technical setup / configuration stuff, MyFastStart might be just what you need.

Regardless of where you start and what programs you decide on, MasterCaster will set you up to become the podcasting hero you want to be.

News from MasterCaster

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MasterCaster and You

Well, given that there's no time like the present, we are ready to help you to learn everything you need to, with MasterCaster. Check out the other pages on our web site or contact us for a no obligation conversation.

Wait! If you'd rather not worry about creating your own podcast and would rather hand it over to someone to produce it for you, please visit the Your Podcast web site for more information.