Who made up the rule that web sites have to be a whole lot of written text?

So many web sites are just fancy-looking versions of written brochures. Sure, throw in some photos to break up the text blocks but, at the end of the day, most web sites are just paragraph after paragraph of text.

And we can't talk - our web site is full of text as well.

But ... and here's the big but ... our web site has also been audiated.

What is audiate?

audiate is a new service that enables your web site to come to life.

Send us the written content and we'll create an audio file for each page that you want audiated. Once the page has been audiated, there are a number of things you can do.

  • You can place an audio player at the top of each page with links to the appropriate audiate file. Your reader becomes your audience and rather than having to trawl through paragraphs of text, they can sit back and listen to the content.

    In our experience, people feel more engaged when they hear someone speaking than when they are reading plain and boring text.

    If you want to see what we mean, click on the audio player just under the heading on this page.

  •  You can use the audiate files as podcast episodes. This allows you to invite your web site visitors to subscribe and listen to all of your content via their favourite podcast store.

  • You can use the audiate files as a support resource. When a customer calls your support team or a prospective client wants more information about your products and services, you can send them an existing audio file.

Why is an audiate file better than a web page?

Let's be clear - there are several instances where written content is much better than audio. For example, you don't want the financial tables within an annual report to be an audio file. You don't want your product specifications published as an audio file. 

But here are two factors that we think make audiate an important part of your online presence:

  • Do you really want to spend 10 or 15 minutes reading yet another piece of written text? If the answer is "no", then that's probably what your customer is saying too.

  • Would you rather read what someone says or hear them actually saying it? audiate allows your content to also include conversations with various members of your team, your customers, subject matter experts ... in fact, anyone you want to include.

And one last thing before you go ...

Yes, we know that lots of web sites have those audio players that allow you to have the content read to you, but have you actually listened to one of those?

Try it sometime - the voice is clearly computer-generated, doing its best to interpret and pronounce words correctly. Apart from the content sounding like it has been extracted from an early sci-fi television program, those program bots often read out the file names of images and other non-written content that they encounter on the page.

audiate is different - we have a professional voiceover artist reading the content to your audience. You get to choose the tone, the accent, the speed - you are in control of how your content sounds.

And we think that is a whole lot better than a robot.