About Untypical Podcasts

Untypical Podcasts is a division of Untypical Media, based in Geelong, Australia. The broader Untypical group also includes Untypical Thinking, Untypical Smallbiz and Untypical People.

We are proud to consider ourselves as being Untypical by name and Untypical by nature. There are hundreds of businesses in the podcasting market, each one offering similar services but very different in their approach and outlook on business.

In our case, we like to think that we have a few things that make us stand out from the crowd:

  • We understand that not everyone wants to be able to create their own podcasts - we are happy to work with you to produce yours for you.

  • We understand that some people want to be able to produce their own podcast but don't have the necessary skills and knowledge to do it by themselves - we are happy to educate and coach you in a way that doesn't assume that you are an audio engineer or a technical guru.

  • We understand that some people want to "try before they buy". They don't want to have to go through the steps that are needed to establish a podcast before they have created a few episodes. We have established the L-Plate Podcast that you can use as part of our MasterCaster program to start with, instead of setting up your own.

  • We understand that podcasting is an extremely worthwhile communications channel for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations and that their budgets are not as big as some of our larger clients. We have established our programs to be affordable and accessible, including reduced rates for registered not-for-profit organisations.

  • We understand that technology allows businesses to interact with clients literally anywhere in the world but have found that many service providers would prefer to deal with clients who are located in or near the big cities. We are proudly located in regional Australia and have broad experience in dealing with businesses right across the country. We are passionate about supporting regional businesses and helping them to access services that would only normally be available to organisations located in the capital cities.

A bit about the boss

Neil Butler is the managing director of Untypical and the founder of MasterCaster, Regional Podcasts and Your Podcast.

Neil has been involved in broadcasting since late 2007 and has hosted radio programs (music / sport / interviews) continuously throughout that period.

In 2016, he created his first podcast - the short-lived Biz Whiz Project. After experimenting with a couple of other podcasts (Geebiz and The Untypical Podcast), he established our flagship podcast - WOWpod - which has included guests from all over Australia, the UK, USA, Singapore, India and Austria. He is now a sought-after guest on podcasts in various parts of the world covering a range of topics including business, marketing, broadcasting, sport and, of course, podcasting.

In early 2020, with the establishment of Your Podcast, he has also started hosting podcasts for external organisations in regional Australia.

Neil is based in Geelong, Australia and is the proud father of Lucy (a primary school teacher, now married to Ash) and Sam (a senior research analyst for a commercial real estate business).

He is a passionate supporter of the Brisbane Lions AFL and AFLW teams and has developed a soft spot for the local VFL and VFLW/AFLW teams, the Geelong Cats, while commentating their games on radio.