2 Blokes Chatting


2 Blokes Chatting started out as very much an amateur podcast in 2019. The 2 Blokes – Neil Butler and Rob Cameron – are part of Untypical’s goFooty.Live broadcast team and found themselves chatting every Thursday night to discuss the upcoming round of football.

They thought it might be fun to record the conversations and create a podcast, with each week’s conversation published in its entirety as an episode.

In 2020, the management of 94.7 The Pulse (community radio station located in Geelong, Victoria) saw fit to offer the 2 Blokes their own radio show as part of the COVID-19 programming schedule. Each week, the program is recorded, with the interviews forming the content of each new podcast episode.

Learn more about 2 Blokes Chatting at www.2blokeschatting.com.au.