Schedule a 100 Towns conversation

Thanks for agreeing to be part of 100 Towns - we are looking forward to chatting about your pub, your town and your region very soon.

To schedule your conversation, simply choose a date and time from the following calendar. You then be taken to a screen where we'll ask you some questions to make sure that we can contact you at the time.

When you submit your request, you'll receive an automatic meeting request via the email address you register with. In it you will find the Zoom link (if you choose to use Zoom for our chat) as well as links to allow you cancel or reschedule the chat. There'll also be some conversation topics listed in the confirmation email - that will give you an idea of what we'll be discussing.

If you choose to conduct the chat via telephone, we'll ring you at the appointed time. If you choose Zoom, please connect via the Zoom link and we'll admit you into the conversation.

We are very much looking forward to our conversation with you.